Android application (wireless LAN barcode reader for Windows PC)

What is SHINOBI?

SHINOBI is an application that runs on Android. It functions as a wireless LAN barcode reader and sends the barcode value to the active window on Windows PC.
After sending, capture the PC screen, it will be displayed on the Android screen, so you can check the output result.

Compared to a barcode reader as hardware, reading capability may be inferior, but it has the following features.
  1. It can be used for free.
  2. Because it is wireless, you can work away from the PC.
  3. The reading result can be confirmed on the screen.
  4. You can also enter and send quantities and character strings.
By all means, before you buy a hardware barcode reader, it is an application you would like to try.
SHINOBI is using a camera. Please understand that the camera is a very delicate device and may not work well depending on the terminal. I have not confirmed the operation on all terminals.

Basic function

  1. Send the barcode value read by the Android terminal to the PC.
  2. Paste to the input area on the PC screen via the clipboard.
  3. Next, send the set Enter or Tab key to the input area.
  4. Capture images around the input area on the PC screen.
  5. Display the captured image on Android terminal.
* The order of (3) and (4) depends on the setting.

Downloading and installing programs

Please download and install the application "SHINOBI" on "Android terminal" using "Google Play".

SHINOBI requires Windows PC side program.
  1. Please download from here (
  2. Please unzip the downloaded "" on the PC.
  3. "TrlShinobi.exe" in the unzipped folder becomes the executable file.
* There is no installer. Just run "TrlShinobi.exe" and the program will start.
* A security warning dialog will be displayed at the first startup. If you want to use SHINOBI please click [Run] or [Run anyway]. Please judge whether you use this program or not at your own risk. In the case of "Windows SmartScreen" warning, if you do not click on [More info] on the dialog, the [Run anyway] button may not appear.
* Registry etc is not touched, so uninstall only deletes the expanded folder.
* In the expanded folder (the same location as "TrlShinobi.exe"), a setting file and a temporary file are created. The user who executes it needs authority to do so.


(1)Executes the PC side program and places it in a communication standby state.

* Please let the PC participate in the LAN and assign the local IP address.

When "TrlShinobi.exe" is executed, the above screen will be displayed.
The IP address of that PC should be displayed in the upper middle of the screen.

--- 2017.04.24: Additional notes: Ver1.1.2 ---
* When the PC is connected to multiple LAN, IP address can be selected.

As it is, clicking on "Listening Start" at the bottom left starts a standby for communication from the Android terminal, and the screen looks like the one shown below.
* A security warning dialog will be displayed at the first start. Please allow access. Please judge whether to permit access of this program at your own risk. If you do not allow this program, it will not work.

* "Setting QR" is displayed on the upper right.
* If a bind error or the like occurs, the port number may be duplicated with other applications. Please change the default 65001, change it to 65002, 65003....., etc., and try clicking "Listening Start" again.
* When you want to end, click "Listening stop", stop the standby, then click "Close".

(2)Please launch the Android application and execute "Reading of [Setting QR]". Read "Setting QR" on PC side program screen.

* Please also turn on the wireless LAN on Android terminal, let it join the LAN, and have the local IP address assigned.

When reading is done, the dialog "Setting is completed." Is displayed. Closing the dialog returns you to the main menu.
Also in the PC side program, the log that received the connection confirmation request should be displayed. This is the only connection setting.
* "Setting QR" is displayed on the upper right of PC side program.
* The communication is restricted within the same network. SHINOBI can not be used on a network where routers connect different networks.

(3)This completes the preparation. Minimize the PC side program screen and activate the target program.

The target program can have anything as long as it has an input cursor and corresponds to pasting via clipboard. Here, I opened Excel.
Please note that depending on the target program, some cannot be pasted properly or some of the correct screen captures can not be taken.

(4)Let's execute "Start barcode reading" with the Android application and read it!


Make sure the bar code you want to read is displayed near the center of the cross line.
At first you may not be in focus, but autofocus works.

If the value is output to Excel and the screen capture of that cursor position is displayed on the Android terminal screen, it is successful.
Come on, let's read more and more!

To return to the main menu, please tap the [Return] key (I think that it is in the lower left) of the Android terminal.

(6)Convenient function: [LIGHT ON / OFF] switch

There is a switch button on the upper left of the screen, [LIGHT ON / OFF].
If light (flash) is attached to the terminal, the light turns on / off.

(7)Convenient function: [COUNT][STRING][CAPTURE]

When you tap the [COUNT] button at the bottom of the screen, the numeric keypad will be displayed. This is a function for sending a numeric value instead of the barcode value. The default is 1.

Tap the [STRING] button at the bottom of the screen to display the input field. This is a function for sending arbitrary character strings instead of barcode values.

Tap the [CAPTURE] button at the bottom of the screen to get the screen capture of the PC screen and display it.

Basic configuration

Wait time before capture


Execute "Wait time setting" from the main menu and set it.
This value sets the waiting time until capture after pasting the barcode. Depending on the target application, if you do not do it a little late, the display on the screen can not catch up, capturing halfway states. Please adjust by changing this setting.

Setting of key code transmitted after barcode


Execute "Suffix code setting" from the main menu and set it.
For this value, set the control key to send after pasting the bar code. The default is the Enter key.

Suffix transmission timing


Execute "Suffix timing setting" from the main menu and set it.
This value determines whether to transmit the control key to be sent after pasting the barcode, after the screen capture, or before. The default is before capture.
Please change the setting depending on the state of the screen you want to capture. Capture is done based on the current position.
Capture display time setting


Execute 'Display time setting' from the main menu and set it.
This value is the time to display the screen capture received from the PC on the screen.

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