Android application (Barcode Verification Check)

What is KUSA?

KUSA is App for barcodes matching. You can check the mixture of different items.

Compared to a handy terminal as hardware, reading capability may be inferior, but it can be used for free.
Before you buy a hardware handy terminal, it is an application you would like to try.
KUSA is using a camera. Please understand that the camera is a very delicate device and may not work well depending on the terminal. I have not confirmed the operation on all terminals.

Basic function

  1. It checks whether the barcode of the verification source is the same as the barcode of one verification destination.
  2. It checks whether the barcode of the verification source is the same as the barcode of plural verification destinations.

Downloading and installing programs

Download Android application "KUSA" from Android terminal with "Google Play".

Varification check

(1)Basic operation


"Varification check [1: 1]" repeats the collation check between one verification source barcode and one verification destination barcode.
"Varification check [1: N]" carries out collation check on one verification source barcode and plural collation destination barcodes.

- By tapping "Varification check [1: 1]" or "Varification check [1: N]" from the menu, the verification source barcode will be read.
- When you read the verification source barcode, the bar code reading next will become the reading destination barcode.
- When the barcode is read, it checks the match between the verification source barcode and the check destination barcode and displays the result.
- After displaying the result, in the case of "Varification check [1: 1]", the verification source barcode will be read. In the case of "Varification check [1: N]", the collation barcode will be read.

Auto focus is driven for the first time. When the barcode is read at least once, the focus will be fixed. If you want to focus again, click [FOCUS] on the lower right side of the screen to activate auto focus.

Tap [REDO] in the lower right to return to reading the verification source barcode when reading the verification destination barcode.

To return to the main menu, please tap the [BACK] key (I think that it is in the lower left) of the Android terminal.

(2)Convenient function: [TARGET ON / OFF] switch

At the upper right of the screen, there is a [TARGET ON / OFF] switching button.
In the state of [TARGET OFF], reading can be performed if it is a barcode displayed on the preview screen. However, if the barcodes are close together, you may read another barcode from the barcode you really want to read.
If you want to avoid this kind of situation, please set it to [TARGET ON]. The cross line becomes green, and the barcode at the crossed position is surely read.
Depending on the model of the terminal, the target may be misaligned. I'm sorry.
Target adjustment button is provided.
If you are reading below the bottom of the barcode, tap [+1] several times to adjust.
If you are reading above the barcode upper side, tap [-1] several times to adjust.
The TARGET function is incorporated experimentally. Depending on the terminal, it may not work well, so in that case please use [TARGET OFF].

(3)Convenient function: [LIGHT ON / OFF] switch

There is a switch button on the upper left of the screen, [LIGHT ON / OFF].
If light (flash) is attached to the terminal, the light turns on / off.

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