Android application for inventory(barcode data collector)


KUNOICHI is a data collector for collecting barcodes(for nventory). You can also enter location and quantity. The collected data can be output to a file and attached to mail.

Compared to a data collector as hardware, reading capability may be inferior, but it has the following features.
  1. It can be used for free.
  2. You can attach the scanned data to an email and send it.
  3. You can also enter location and quantity.
Before you buy a hardware data collector, it is an application you would like to try.
KUNOICHI is using a camera. Please understand that the camera is a very delicate device and may not work well depending on the terminal. I have not confirmed the operation on all terminals.

Basic function

  1. Accumulate the read barcode value in the database.
  2. You can register barcode values by associating locations and quantities.
  3. From the data accumulated in the database, you can output the data file and attach it to the mail.

Downloading and installing programs

Download Android application "KUNOICHI" from Android terminal with "Google Play".

Barcode reading

(1)Basic operation


- Tap "Barcode reading" from the menu and read the location (location code, storage bin etc).
- After reading the location, the next will be the main barcode reading.
- When barcode is read, it becomes quantity input.
- When the quantity is entered, tap [OK] to register the data and display the result on the screen.
* Depending on the setting, it is possible not to read the place and not to input the quantity.

You can also do location and main barcode with manual input. Please tap [MANUAL] in the lower and enter the letters.


To display the registration history, tap [HISTORY] in the lower. By tapping each row of data you can modify the quantity or delete the data.

To return to the main menu, please tap the [BACK] key (I think that it is in the lower left) of the Android terminal.

(3)Convenient function: [LIGHT ON / OFF] switch

There is a switch button on the upper left of the screen, [LIGHT ON / OFF].
If light (flash) is attached to the terminal, the light turns on / off.



Tap "Settings" from the menu to display the setting screen.
In "Input setting", you can set whether or not to read places and whether or not to input quantities.
However, if there is data already entered, you can not change the settings, so in that case you will need to "delete all data" or "Data file creation".
In "Transmission data file setting", encoding, line feed code and delimiter can be set.

Data file creation


Tap "Data file creation" from the menu, a confirmation screen will be displayed.
Tap [OK] to output the data registered in the database to the data file. Following "KUNOICHI_", the file name is year, month, day, hour, minute, second, with the extension ".csv". You can see the output file list in "Data file operation".
After output, delete all the data in the database after confirmation screen.

Data file operation


By tapping "Data file operation" from the menu, the list of outputted data files is displayed.
By tapping on one file you can operate on that file.
Tap "Send by attaching to mail", the mail application selection screen will be displayed. When you select the mail application, the mail application will start up with the data file attached, so you can set the address and title and then send it.
Tap "Delete" to delete the data file after confirmation. Please be careful not to delete unsent data files.

Delete all data


Tap "Delete all data" from the menu, and after confirmation, delete all registered data.
Please be careful not to delete necessary data.

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